6 of the scariest bike trails in the world

In a world driven by progress, it’s natural that there will always be riders ready to go beyond the usual limits of their sport. As a result of this, we’ve seen mountain bikers across the world going to crazy lengths to seek out some of the steepest and sketchiest descents goin.

1. Yungas Road

Where: La Paz, Bolivia

Extreme factor: Yungas Road, or ‘the death road’, as it’s more commonly referred to, isn’t strictly a bike trail, but it continues to make it onto the bucket list of many a mountain biker or eager backpacker looking to earn their bragging rights.
With only one brief uphill interruption, the road boasts a massive 64km of downhill dirt track, so it’s not hard to see its appeal. But with its sheer drops, treacherous hairpins and a very sketchy surface, you’ll soon be reminded why it’s been dubbed the world’s most dangerous road.

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