Top 10 tips for long distance cycling

3. Improve your endurance and stamina

Functional training will help with this, but it should be gradual so you don’t injure yourself or pull anything that will only set you back. You can also try a drill called 20 – 40s: sprint for 20s and then rest for 40, repeat 4 x for one set. Do as many sets as you wish.

4. Eat and drink right

It might seem like an obvious one but work out what foods your body does and doesn’t agree with when you’re exercising. Make sure you take plenty of water with you and something to snack on during the ride to keep your energy levels up. Some great cycling foods include bananas, flapjacks and energy bars. For more great tips read our 5 tips for improving your cycling fitness.

5. Stay safe

Having the right equipment is essential for every rider no matter the distance. Wearing a helmet and having lights saves lives, don’t risk riding without these two crucial things. Whilst on the road make eye contact with anyone that could potentially pull out in front of you, try and anticipate their movements, ride in tight lines.

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