7 Long-Lasting Polishes That Won’t Chip or Destroy Your Nails

While it’s tempting to go for that gel manicure — guaranteed to remain glossy and intact for two to three weeks — for those that prefer to avoid the damage and potentially risky side effects (exposure to UV radiation from lights to cure polish can be harmful to skin), there are alternative and healthier equivalents that last a week or more.

After experimenting with nearly two dozen formulas, these seven polish options all proved to have serious staying power while enduring daily hand washing, dish washing, shampooing, package opening, cleaning, and child-care bathing and diaper duties. While none of them quite lived up to the shine and durability of a professional gel service, they didn’t injure the nails either. Each one survived a minimum of five days — and really, who isn’t ready for a polish change after that?

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