30 Nifty Bathroom Storage Ideas to Make Use of Every Bit of Space Available

Every bathroom needs storage solutions and this is especially true if you have a large household. Between everyone’s skincare products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair care products, towels, brushes and other necessities of life, everyone needs somewhere to put it all. That doesn’t mean it has to look ugly, however. With a little bit of creativity, strategic positioning and the right materials, you can transform your bathroomfrom messy and unkempt to stylish and organized in no time. Just check out these simple ideas we threw together. Below are 30 chic bathroom storage ideas to keep your bathroom organized and looking great.

30 Simple Storage Solutions for Your Bathroom

1. Basket Cases

Instead of boring old corner shelves in your bathroom, why not try a set of corner baskets instead? Having them right next to your bathtub or shower like this also gives you quick access to towels, scented oils, bath salts, magazines or whatever else you might use to relax and give yourself an in-home spa day. You could also put one between sinks if you don’t have one shared counter and put beauty supplies, shavers, hair dryers and the like instead. It can also conform to just about any style with a little staining or painting. The possibilities are endless.

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