Top 10 Most Beautiful Alfa Romeos

This proved to be a difficult  task. Don’t worry, I didn’t underestimate the sheer impossibility in distinguishing any one Alfa Romeo as being more beautiful than another. As car manufacturers go, no other brand can claim to produce some of the most classically elegant designs (like the 6C 2500), alongside some of the most controversial and brutish (ala the SZ). Some have divided opinions, whilst others have brought people together in mutual design appreciation. One thing is for certain though, all Alfa Romeos stir some kind of emotion within us.

As with any ranking article, this is bound to be subjective. It has been cultivated from my humble opinion, which doesn’t mean it’s fact. So please feel free to comment your very own list below the article. It will be interesting to see if there are any particular models that are universally appreciated and are consistently mentioned as the most ‘beautiful’.

So without further ado, here is my number 10…

1. Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale (1959-1966)

The original (and more classically beautiful) namesake of Alfa’s latest 2015 release. First presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1957, the Giulietta ‘SS’ was the epitome of Alfa Romeo’s styling cues of the 1950s. With a low nose, imposing grille and those sweeping wheel arches (inspired by the C52 Disco Volante), the original Giulietta typified everything that is great about Italian style.

Elegance: 7/10

Aggressiveness: 3/10

Cool Factor: 8/10

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